hey there!

My name is Nicole Clark.  Nicole, Nikki, I've responded to both my entire life.

So to put it simply, call me whichever you'd prefer.

Outside of photography, I like to describe myself as a lot of different things.  A jack of all trades, if you will.

I'm a proud fire wife, happily married to my husband since 2016.  I'm also a full-time stay-at-home momma.  So I'm a

mother, a nurse, a teacher, a personal chef, personal shopper/stylist, chauffeur, you name it.  When I'm not behind

the lens, I'm behind two firecracker babies cleaning up spilt juice and making extra chewy brownies.  And I seriously

am living my best life!

It is my true belief that photos have an amazing power.  Clothing styles, hair styles, living situations, all of these things

usually change over time for most of us.  But pictures have the ability to take us back in time.  With a simple photo, we can travel

back to a memory that has once passed but we crave to preserve.  We can remember the friends we had, the weather that day,

we can re-feel every emotion, all from a photograph.  This is why my passion lies within this industry.  I love being the one who

can create these memories for you and your loved ones to relive.

If you would like to take on this journey with me and allow me to be able to capture your most cherished moments, send

me a message and we can chat!

more about who I am

- I'm a Long Island NY native, but North Carolina became my home in 2008.

- I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Bachelors Degree in Public Health.  I worked in the healthcare industry for 3 years before deciding to stay home full-time with my first born.  This was when I decided to pursue my passion for photography.

- I'm very OCD when it comes to organizing my life and am VERY routine driven.  I'm an avid maker of to-do lists and firmly believe they directly correlate with productivity.  I make one pretty much every day.  My calendar and planner are also both color coded.

- I'm a foodie at heart.  I love connecting with family, friends, and new people or clients over some good apps (nachos are my thing).  But anyone that knows me knows that my fast food weaknesses are Taco Bell #1 and Chick-fil-A a close #2.

- I hate hate HATE the sound of Styrofoam rubbing together (weird I know).  It literally makes me cringe.  The worst is when I open a big package and my son gets a hold of those pieces and starts clanking them together...

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